About The Swallows

The Swallows India Bangladesh is a non-profit non-governmental development organisation, with the head office in Lund, Sweden. The Swallows was established in 1959 and works in India since 1962 and in Bangladesh since 1973.

Van Gujjar woman. Photo: Kristin Ivarsson.

Our vision is a just world, free from poverty, where people with power to influence their own lives live in solidarity with each other and in long term, sustainable relationship with nature. We strengthen disadvantaged groups, such as Dalits (who are often treated as untouchables), landless, indigenous people and women, to take control of their lives and claim their rights.

While working in partnership with local organisations in India and Bangladesh, we support their struggle for a more sustainable and equitable development. Together with our partners in India and Bangladesh, we aim to enhance participation in democratic processes and we believe that social mobilisation is crucial in building a sustainable future.


Read about our values and strategies below:

Values and perspectives
Overall goals
Key koncepts
The Istanbul principles

Read the whole document with The Swallows’ values, strategies and perspectives here.

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