Glocal Development Talks have finally started!

Skrivet av Praktikant

“People who are feeding the whole country are the most insecure” ~Shahidul Islam
Today there have been seminars and panel discussions concerning food sovereignty, sustainability, land rights, gender justice and historical aspects on volunteering. Perspectives on development from the global south have been in focus throughout the day and The Swallows are very happy about the inspiring discussions held and the important issues that were lifted.

“What is development? Who is in control of how to define development and who is development for?” ~Khushi Kabir

“Who is helper and who is in the need of help?” ~Cecilia Jonsson

These are some of the questions that have been asked today. Development can be seen from the perspective of corporations where the profit is development. Development can also be seen as people’s equal rights to survival, livelihoods, land and justice. The speakers of today are united in the opinion that the rights of the corporations need to stand back for the rights of the people. Food sovereignty, land rights and gender justice for marginalized people in the global south are needed on the way towards global equality, solidarity and development. The marginalized people are also the poorest and the poorest are often farmers and women. The global capitalist system is trying to fit all of the world in one frame – without taking into consideration the local perspectives, rights and needs. As the citation from Shahidul Islam in the beginning states; the people producing the food and feeding others is also the most insecure. This is not right. Civil society organizations have an important role to play in supporting people to reclaim their food production systems, their land and their rights as humans as well as citizens.

The risk of being idealist has been lifted but also encouraged today. These issues need to be tackled with a sense of that the society is possible to change when people and communities come together.

Tomorrow the discussions will continue and we will present speakers as Ulrika Modéer, state secretary for development cooperation, and professor Naila Kabeer from London School of Economics!

See you there!


Text: Elin Carlsson

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