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In an effort to influence the decisions made under the umbrella of different development goals, we aim to provide a platform for voices from the Global South. During this conference the effect of global politics will be put into perspective by local organisations in South Asia and Latin America. Against the backdrop of expiring development goals and new development agendas we have invited decision and policy makers as well as people whom represent the struggle for alternative development.


Listening to perspectives from the Global South is the most important aim of Glocal Development Talks! This is why we have invited a number of representatives from Svalorna’s partner organisations in India and Bangladesh. They will comment and ask questions at each session to ensure that academic and political perspectives are contrasted with perspectives from these organisations’ grassroots work. Svalornas partners work with Dalit rights, women’s rights, farmer’s rights and sustainable development.


The aim of Glocal Development Talks! is to be a platform for broad discussions on development policy and sustainable development. The conference takes place at City Library in Lund on Sunday September 20th and at AF-borgen in Lund during Monday through Wednesday September 21st to 23rd. Welcome!

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