Overall objectives

For The Swallows IB as an organization:
- To be an open forum that attracts and makes use of the human resources in its surroundings.
- Increased economic independence.
- Increased visibility.
- Increased influence on political processes through collaborations and networking.

For the development cooperation in the South:
Significant improvements in the living conditions of our target groups through:
- Fighting poverty by creating livelihood opportunities, increasing awareness of human rights and increasing people’s influence over political and social processes.
- Create the preconditions for a sustainable use of resources while valorising the local knowledge as a point of departure.

For communication work in Sweden:
- To be a development cooperation actor visible to politicians, media, other organizations and the public and to be a source of information on India and Bangladesh.
- To advocate for sustainable development and create awareness among decision makers and the general public on how the global structures affect people’s lives both in the North and the South and how the decisions and behaviours in the North affect the people and the environment in the South.
- To work for changes in lifestyles in Sweden that will contribute to sustainable development.