New goals and strategies for sustainable development

Skrivet av Cecilia

The theme during Glocal Development Talks! second day was new goals and strategies for sustainable development, and perspectives on development from both government, civil society, development cooperation and global south have been in focus.

United Nations is now in the process of defining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). An topic leading to both discussions and questions today at GDT! The first speaker of the day Ulrika Modéer, State Secretary for International Development Cooperation, emphasized that the world’s leaders need to embark in a different road and adopt a more inclusive agenda. She also stressed that mobilization of domestic resources such as local capacity building and strengthening social movements are key for a sustainable development. An opinion most of the speakers agreed on. Some critical aspects concerning the SDG’s and policy- and decision-making in general were pointed out by many, among others Khushi Kabir from the organisation Nijera Kori in Bangladesh. Who gets to define the agenda? How and who in civil society can be heard? These were some of the questions she raised. A problem that Kabir often face in her work is that decisions often are taken somewhere else by people who have no insight in local situation, and then become very difficult to implement. Peter Sörbom (CONCORD) stressed the fact that policies are not binding; they are voluntary so how can we ensure they will be placed and implemented? The private sector’s impact on human rights and sustainable development were also brought up in the discussions. How can we get the private sector to take more responsibility?
Yesterday’s discussion showed that a major change is needed in how we think and talk about development, but also that the empowerment of women, local capacity building and strengthening social movements groups can be first steps and keys to reach new goals and strategies for a more sustainable development.

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