The story of Saphura Bibi

Skrivet av Cecilia

I vårt arbete möter vi ofta människor som har blivit krafter för förändring. Här kan du läsa om en av dem, sjubarnsmamman Saphura Bibi, som engagerat sig för rättvisa och blivit en lokal ledare.

One of the many vibrant success stories from our forest rights program is Saphura Bibi, of the Kaluwala Khol village in our project region. Today, Saphura is one of the representatives in the Van Adhikar Samiti (Forest Rights Committee), after she was chosen by her village to lead the committee in January 2014.  Over the course of the past year, she has successfully contributed to the forest rights initiative for her area in filing a Community Forest Rights claim with the public welfare magistrate, which is currently pending. She was chosen for the position because she was passionate and outspoken about the issue of forest rights after participating in several SOPHIA’s village orientation trainings in the Khol sub-district on the Forest Rights Act and domicile rights in previous years.  Additionally, she commands respect because she is educated and very well-spoken.  She balances her family life, with 7 children, and her responsibilities as a leader well, and two of her sons working for her.  Saphura is a wonderful example of the leadership ability
of empowered women in actively participating in the issue of pursuing forest rights.  She is so well-known and successful that she has inspired six other women from other villages (Beera Bibi from Mohund, Bhangsoth, Aklo Bibi from Shakumber Khol, and Noorbano from Karaundi Khol, among others) to become members of the committee.  Saphura therefore also embodies the importance of gender-sensitive programming in which womenare actively involved in rights-based initiatives, such as the forest rights program.


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