The time for climate action is NOW!

Skrivet av Praktikant

Yesterday’s topic, at Glocal Development Talks, was “The road towards climate justice and sustainability”. Our intern Caroline Nordvall reports from the last day.

The morning starts with European parliamentarian Bodil Valero, declaring ”We have a strong European position on climate politics”. At the same time, she points to the unmotivation of many member countries to take even stronger climate action to reach the universal 2 degrees climate goal. ”We all know what’s happening, we can see it and we can feel the weather changes. Nobody’s laughing any longer when you speak about climate change.”

The discussion continues on the topic migration, security and climate refugees, and how the poorest people on the planet will be the ones affected worst by climate change. Smaller islands in the Pacific like Tuvalu and Fiji are preparing for evacuation of their citizens when sea water levels are rising. The fossil fuel industry is the main driving force of climate change, and the exploitation of the arctic ice is brought forward in today’s talks as an operation with devastating consequences. The topic of corporate power, trade interests and ”land grabbing” continues throughout the day, not only in relation to natural resources, but also with focus on food sovereigny. This topic advocates people’s right to chose which crops to grow, what food to eat and to have their own power of the seeds. Sheelu Francis from Women’s Collective in India brings forward the small scale farmer’s perspective, with emphasis on female farmers. By mobilizing in smaller networks, female farmers increase their action making power and make sure they have access to land and seeds. The feminist perspective is also highlighted by Vasna Ramasar from Lund University Centre for Sustainable Studies. She emphasises a need for inclusion of a feminist and human rights agenda in climate justice policy making, and states that ”we have to look at climate change in a very integrative way.”
Text: Caroline Nordvall


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