Viktiga koncept


Key Concepts

- Participative analyses of the living conditions in the process of transformation.
- People engage in our programmes in order to achieve their own goals.
- Focus on dealing with the causes of poverty.
- Political participation in order to be able to influence policies and institutions.
- Opportunities and constraints should be defined by the stakeholders in the programmes.
- Livelihood strategies and desired outcomes should be defined by the target groups.
- Sustainability of interventions and attention to assuring non-dependency.
- Strengthening people and organisations to claim their rights, involving the state as a principal duty bearer in interventions while remaining critical to it.

View on Partnership

The Swallows IB does not directly implement programmes/projects in India and Bangladesh. We always work in partnership with local organisations which have the local knowledge and expertise, and we see our role in development cooperation as facilitators. Our partnerships are guided by:
- A long-term perspective of sustainable relationships, while at the same time making sure we are not creating dependency.
- Shared values, vision, understanding and interests.
- Dialogue.
- Respect and trust.
- Openness and transparency.
- Exchange of knowledge and experience and mutual learning.

We are aware of the power relations characterizing partnerships where one party stands for financing and support, while the other implements the interventions. Moreover, we believe that an awareness of this fundamental inequality is crucial when forming partnerships under the above criteria.