The Bigger Picture

After 3 weeks with UYRDC and its work on forest rights for the remote communities in the nearby area, I thought I understood the Forest Rights Act. But hey, after 3 weeks in Narayanbagar I am actually more confused. I think this is because as you gain more knowledge the more question arises.

I have started to realize that the right to forest is so much more complex than I first thought. This is clear when you visit communities and you start to notice that there are big issues within the issue.

When a woman we meet in a village said ” one tree is like a child” you start to understand what the forest means to them and how much they are dependent on it. Even though, I might be more confused now than when I got to UYRDC, I am starting to see the bigger picture as well as the importance of the Forest Rights Act.

On Thursday it is the Diwali festival in India, therefore Johan and I will be leaving for Joshimath and Auli for a couple of days to see more of the Himalayas!

UYRDC workers :)

UYRDC workers 🙂




So long!